' BE PART OF THE STORY ... Create The Next Chapter ... '

Be Part Of The Story ... create the next chapter ...



100,000 pounds of Textiles have been saved from ending up in Landfill. O
ur suppliers support hundreds of families, enabling them to have year round employment which is safe and fair trade.

The mission is simple: provide phenomenal quality fibres to enthusiasts, while helping the women of Nepal and India become autonomous and self-reliant. The problem was that many of these women were caught in a cycle where, because of their gender, they had no opportunities available to them.

The women who create the yarns are hand selected for their skill and given a wage that not only allows them to survive, but thrive. This affects the rest of their family as well. Their children can stay in school, get an education and improve their futures.

The South African Bamboo Yarn & Indian Banana Fibre Yarn are sustainable plant fibres and their production provides a fair wage for those who work hard to create such amazing colours and unbelievable soft texture.

All of our yarns are handmade in small batches and undergo extensive quality control. This also means that all of our yarns are, essentially, mirrors of the amazing people who create them.

Literally .... A STORY IN EVERY STITCH !

Choose your favourite be part of the story ... create the next chapter in the story.

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