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AN AMAZING RAINBOW OF FIBRES FOR ... just about anything where you need an addition of colour. 

All natural fibres.

These fibres can actually be incorporated in any crafting, textiles or art projects ... Felting, Weaving, Art, Mixed Media .... their uses are unlimited !!! 

*JUST IN * New Rainbow Silk Cocoon sheets come from the 100% silk fibres obtained from the virgin cocoons which are not reelable in to yarn.  The fibres are degummed, bleached, opened on a card and the final batting is hand painted with acid colours.  These sheets are so vibrant and absolutely perfect for felting or even spinning with a solid base colour.  

BANANA FIBRES in stock in 100gm mixed colour or undyed bags. 

For the more specialist craters amongst you also have smoothed and pulled Banana Fibres prepared in skeins. See photos for colours. Please get in touch if you need something specific and I will see how I can help.

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