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Firecracker Silk Yarn

Darn Good Yarn


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Both METALLIC and NON METALLIC Firecracker now in stock. Contact me if not listed yet !!

Each Individual Skein has it's own very unique Colour Combinations. This is a exceptional soft and sleek Aran weight Silk Yarn for you to enjoy. I have listed them as individual skeins so you can choose the exact one you have fallen in love with. There is only one of each so when it's gone it's gone !!

So let me tell you a bit more about these 100g/56 metre bursts of color!

Each recycled sari silk skein is unique. This sari silk yarn is individually handspun by a cooperative of woman in super-rural Southwest India.

New sari fabric remnants are recycled to make this Aran weight yarn that will yield 4.5 sts per inch on size 7s (4.5mm). For my crocheting friends out there I would suggest a hook size US I -9 (5.5mm)

NOTE : I have taken great care to faithfully reproduce the exact colours in the photos, but please bear in mind that the colours may not be the same on your screen as on mine. They are all beautiful, but choose carefully as there is only one of each !

SKU: FIRECKR 10-K TAGS: Silk, Aran, Multi Coloured, Mixed Media, Recycled New Material, Indian, Fair Trade, Colour, Silk Spun Yarn, Sheen, Metallic, Vibrant, Unique

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